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Clayboard Installation

Learn more about the preparation and procedure of installing Clayboard. There are three key steps to installing Clayboard; preparation, laying and then forming the void.


Preparing the Site

1. We will deliver Clayboard to site on a weather proof pallet within 3 – 4 days of ordering. On arrival, it’s important the product remains dry on site at all times.

2. Remove all water from the foundation zone.

3. Lay a 25mm, flat, dry, level sand blinding

4. Lay a polythene sheeting (minimum 500g) onto the blinding.

Laying the System

5. Lay the Clayboard, printed face up, making sure the adjoining panels are positioned up closely together.

6. Seal all the joints with Dufaylite Waterproof Tape.

7. Lay polythene (minimum 500g) on top of the Clayboard, overlap and tape all joins and leave an overlap at the edges of the Clayboard.

8. Lay steel reinforcement.

9. Prepare for later introduction of water by using the Clayboard VOIDPAK System

Forming the Void

10. When the concrete is totally self-supporting, insert hosepipe and introduce a slow flow of water into the Clayboard. Leave water for approximately 2 hours.

11. After 24-28 hours, strike through the bottom facing of the Clayboard to allow excess water to drain away. Seal the pipes with cement or waterproof sealant and make good.



We provide a wide range of support for our clients. We are happy to visit the site to help lay your Clayboard correctly, as well as offer installation guides and step-by-step support

Download our installation guidelines and learn how to safely install your void former…

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